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A Slice of Tradition

Welcome to the Portuguese Cheese Company, where we honor rich cultural heritage through the art of cheese-making. With over half a century of passion and dedication, we craft artisanal cheeses that reflect time-honored traditions.

Indulge in slices of tradition with our award-winning Fresh, Semi-Soft, and Firm Cheeses.

Our cheese-making process is steeped in handcrafted traditions and carefully sourced ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. Each cheese is a testament to our dedication to all-natural, preservative-free, using minimal ingredients for the highest quality.

As you explore our wide variety of cheeses, you'll discover flavors that originate from Portugal, Spain & Latin America. Our cheeses are more than just curds and whey; they are connections to our ancestors’

With every slice, you embark on a journey of flavor and tradition, experiencing the joy of savoring handcrafted ethnic cheeses.

EST 1966.

Join us as we honor the craft of cheese-making and savor the flavors that encapsulate a rich legacy of cheese heritage.

Antonio DeMelo

The visionary behind the Portuguese Cheese Company (PCC), transformed a humble factory into a thriving enterprise that produces cherished cheeses, symbolizing his commitment to family, community, and the legacy of Portuguese culinary traditions in Canada.


Locally Sourced

All Natural

No Preservatives

Traditional Ethnic Recipes

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