Slightly salted fresh cheese that has a soft texture & a delicious fresh milk flavor. It is made with 100% cow’s milk & its creamy consistency allows for other flavors to be absorbed easily.


Cow MilkPasteurizedFresh UnripenedLocally SourcedRennet Free

Pasteurized milk, salt, microbial enzyme, calcium chloride, bacterial culture.

  • Milk Fat: 25%
  • Moisture: 55%
  • Best Before / Shelf life: 21 Days

Serve it as appetizer or in many diverse Mexican foods such as enchiladas or tacos, crumbled onto soups & salads, paired with fresh fruit

  • Royal Winter Fair 2023 5th place
  • Royal Winter Fair 2021 2nd place
Approximate Weight
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Calories 150

Fat 13g, 17%

- Saturated Fat 8g + Trans Fat 0.3g, 41%

Carbohydrate 2g

- Fiber 0g, 0%

- Sugars 2g, 2%

Protein 8g

Cholesterol 40mg

Sodium 370mg, 16%

Potassium 50mg, 2%

Calcium 300mg, 20%

Iron 0.3mg, 2%

*% Daily value
*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot


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