Cheese is an extremely versatile food.
Each cheese, by itself, presents an unique flavour.

And yet new flavours and subtle aspects are revealled when cheese is combined with other ingredients or cooked in a variety of dishes.

We have included some of our favourite dishes here and hope you will try them with your loved ones.

We would love to hear about your culinary successes and invite those so inclined to send their recipes for us to try.

Corvo Cornbread
Quick StoveTop Macaroni & Cheese

Grasciosa Quiche
Graciosa, Onion and Potato Bread
Salad with Graciosa Cheese

Spanish Fresh Cheese Appetizer
Pizzetta with Spanish Fresh Cheese

São Miguel Mashed Potatoes
Hearty Portuguese Frittata

Fettuccine with Ham and Serra
Serra Cauliflower Soup

St. Jorge Veal Rolls
Portuguese Cheese Twists

Fusilli with St. John’s Cheese and Roasted Peppers
Lentil Salad with St. John’s Fresh Cheese

Chicken Vaquinha Cordon Bleu
Eggplant Vaquinha