Serving Cheese
Fresh Cheese

The light refreshing taste of Fresh Cheese is easy to enjoy at any time. Our St. John Cow or Goat, and our Queso Fresco Spanish can be served as apetizers, in salads or as a light snacks.

Serve it drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with cracked pepper, along with olives and crusty bread.

They stand on their own, but who can resist the combining them with some fruity white wine or spumante.

Semi-Soft Cheeses

These aged cheeses are best served at room temperature, so they should be taken out of the fridge one hour before serving. Cheese is traditionally served at the end of the meal. However, the versatility of our cheese allows you to use our cheese as an appetizer, in salads or as a dessert. Of course you can cook with our cheeses too!

Wine Pairing

Our cheese are also wonderful on a cheese platter served to family or friends and combined with a lovely glass of wine. The Vaquinha and Pico can be served with hearty reds or whites. And the Graciosa is most at home with a fresh fruity white.

Try the flavourful St. Jorge cheese with a full-bodied red wine, Madeira or vintage Port.

Beer and dry red or white wines compliment the Sao Miguel. Full bodied red wines or light Reislings are perfect with Corvo.