St. John's Cow
St. John's Goat
Queso Fresco Spanish
Corvo Serra
Graciosa Pico
Vaquinha Sao Miguel
St. Jorge
Terra Verde
Imagine the colour and taste of fresh sweet milk with a smooth, luxurious texture reminiscent of baked custard. This rennet free fresh cheese is made with 100% cow's milk. It is packaged in its own whey and is a staple food for many different ethnic groups including those from Portugal, Spain, Latin America, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Serve it drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with cracked pepper, along with olives and crusty bread.
St. John Goat
This fresh, soft cheese made from 100% goat's (cabra) milk is a delectable Portuguese favourite and unlike any cheese you have ever tried, with its soft, yogurt-like texture, delicate curd and sweet milk flavour. To maintain freshness, the cheese is packaged in liquid whey. Serve it with sliced fruits and honey or jam for a nutritious breakfast. Rennet free, St. John's Fresh Goat's Cheese is perfect for vegetarian dietary regimes for all meals.
(Kay zo fres co) In Spanish, Queso means 'cheese' and Fresco means 'fresh'. This delicately milky, slightly spongy cheese is grated or crumbled, then sprinkled liberally on traditional dishes like enchiladas, tacos and burritos, from Mexico and South American to Spain. It is a must carry wherever there are Spanish or Latin American customers.
(Kor vo) Resembling fine aged cheddar, this firm, golden-coloured cow's milk cheese has a unique taste and a dry, smooth texture. This exceptional cheese appeals to customers who appreciate fine, old cheddar.

The pleasingly sharp flavour of Corvo is a welcome addition to any cheese tray. Melt it to make decadent grilled sandwiches, or serve Corvo as a snack with crisp apple wedges and toasted almonds. Full-bodied red wines or light Rieslings are perfect with Corvo.

(Sow Me gal) The honey colour and incredibly creamy texture of this lovely semi-soft cow's milk cheese, leads to a savory, sophisticated flavour with a hint of sourness, similar to popular havarti.

Smooth São Miguel melts easily and adds zip to pasta, rice, egg fritattas and vegetables, but is most often served as a table cheese on top of crusty baguette slices, dried apricots or hearty country breads. Beer and dry red or white wines compliment this unique and delightful cheese.

(Gra see o sa) Only the snow-white colour tells you this milk, almost sweet & marvelously creamy cheese is made from 100% goat's milk. Graciosa is delightfully different than other goat cheeses and a very popular Portuguese speciality.

This crowd-pleasing cheese will have special appeal to your customers who struggle with the sometimes harsh flavour of goat cheese or those who are lactose intolerant to cheeses made from cow's milk. Graciosa is rennet free and will therefore be of interest to your vegetarian clientele. The simple flavour of Graciosa compliments many others and the smooth texture makes it fabulous for melting. Try it in any recipe calling for bocconcini or Monterey jack, or for breakfast, alongside rich nut bread or muffins and sliced oranges. Light, fruity white wine and coolers accompany this versatile goat cheese extremely well.

Mild with slightlyt salty taste, and characteristic pinholes in the body, this buttery coloured cheese is unique in North America, though a staple in the Portuguese home as and everyday table cheese. Semi-soft and somewhat creamy textured when young, developing firm and dry with age.
Golden yellow in colour with a waxy exterior rind, closed body, and creamy smooth, delicious sour tang. A must in the basic Portuguese cheese selection, plus Vaquinha is growing in popularity as a delicious and interesting change from traditional Gouda on cheese platters.
A traditional cheese (quejo) from the mountains (Pico) in Portugal, this pale golden coloured cheese has everyday appeal in the Portuguese community for its creamy, slightly salty and pleasantly sour taste. Melts wonderfully for cooking, though most often with yeasty breads.
(Saint George) Our only imported cheese, St. Jorge is a popular Portuguese classic with roots dating back to the 15th century. This distinctive raw cow's milk cheese is aged a minimum of 3 to 5 months. The firm, smooth texture and aromatic smell tempt you to enjoy the authentic bold flavour. Enjoy St. Jorge for dessert on a cheese tray with fresh pears, or add it to everyday dishes where the sharp taste would transform them into gourmet delights. Full bodied red wine, Port or Madeira wines are a wonderful compliment to St. Jorge.
The salting makes it distinctively Portuguese. The fresh churned butter is made in small batches like all fine Europesn butters. Use it as an ingredient in gourmet recipes or as a delicious spread on fresh bread.